Though spring is coming to the end events in iGaming are blowing with more power. On May 31, 2018, Gambler Hunt is going to visit one of these amazing occasions, iGathering 20 in Malta.

We are looking forward to get acquainted with our potential partners and discuss our successful collaborations. We believe, working together with other iGaming companies will help us to make the best of our products and solutions, as well as come up with new business ideas.

This year iGathering will entertain its guests in Valletta. Finnplay, HiPay, iGaming Academy, NetShop ISP and XCM Exponential will host the event at Magazino Hall. Delicious meals and live music during the reception will help to enhance Malta iGaming environment and bring the participants closer together.

iGathering 20 would be a truly memorable experience for Gambler Hunt team.

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